HVO Fuel

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About HVO Fuel

It’s well-known fact how unsafe and bad biodiesel is for the environment. This is the reason why specialists have continuously looked for ways to produce sustainable fuel. And that’s how they came up with HVO fuel. Unlike biodiesel, this is based on 100% used cooking oil. After a very thorough refining process, a more superior and cleaner fuel is produced.

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about HVO fuel.

What Is HVO Fuel?

HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and it can be used as a form of renewable diesel, mainly in the agricultural and construction sectors. HVO fuel is a biodiesel alternative that’s FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) free, fossil-free and very good for the environment. Thus, it is an excellent eco fuel substitute for red diesel or mineral diesel, as it can be used with a wide range of OEM approvals in modern vehicles, agricultural vehicles, generators, construction machinery and Industrial power systems.

What Are The Benefits?


  • Lower Emissions – Up to a 90% reduction of harmful substances
  • Ordering Online Here - HVO fuel very reasonably can last longer than minerals or red diesel when placed in the tank
  • Easy-Switch – Compared to regular diesel, HVO delivers the same performance, uses the same tanks, is stored the same way, and is competitively priced
  • Eco-Friendly Deliveries – We offset all carbon associated with your order, free of charge
  • Convenience of Speedy – It’s simpler with us; all you have to do is top-up to reorder


  • Safer Performance –With how HVO fuel price reasonably is but still of very high quality, HVO fuels can help your engines burn more cleanly. It would also let you have a better grip and stability on your vehicles
  • Improved Site Air Quality – Biofuels are likely to improve the working environment for your staff
  • Better Brand Image – HVO biodiesel can significantly reduce your annual carbon footprint, improving brand image and making your company more attractive to customers and investors

What can HVO be used as an alternative for?

HVO fuel is a direct drop-in diesel alternative. It meets the EN15940 standard, ASTM D975 and conforms to the Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II and has been approved by a large number of automotive manufacturers. HVO fuel UK wide can be used for a wide range of engines and vehicles including those designed for off-road uses since HVO have a huge number of OEM approvals. This means the warranties would also not be voided. Ease of use is a primary concern when considering any new fuel and to make the switch to HVO fuel, in most cases, you don’t need to modify existing engines, machinery, logistics channels and storage equipment, you can just fill up your tank on top of existing stocks.

What is the production process for HVO?

HVO fuel is produced through a highly controlled hydrotreatment process of renewable materials to form a high-quality paraffinic product that’s almost chemically identical to fossil diesel, but with several added benefits. All HVO fuel can last up to 10 years if stored and maintained properly in a tank since all of its impurities and pollutants will be removed during the production process. The modern hydrotreating process results in a more efficient burn than regular diesel and biodiesel, cleaner combustion, reduced soot in engines and exhaust systems, aromatic, sulphur and metal-free and up to a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

What is HVO?

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil or HVO can be used as a replacement for diesel. Fairly new to the general market, HVO is made from renewable, sustainable materials and emits up to 90% less CO2 emissions than gas oil and diesel. Manufactured to EN 15940 standards, HVO is certified sustainable by ISCC and 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel!

Why use HVO?

Countless advantages, both long-term and short-term, can be obtained by using HVO fuel UK wide. Not only is it made from sustainable materials, but the low-emission fuel alternative also has a shelf life of up to 10 years, making it, even more, cost-efficient than diesel. HVO fuel is 100% interchangeable with fossil diesel and able to withstand temperatures as low as -32 degrees, making it perfectly suitable for all seasons in the UK!

Indeed, HVO fuel brings numerous benefits. Unlike biodiesel, HVO fuel is extremely good for the environment. If you want to greatly reduce the gas emissions of your business or company, then using HVO fuel for your equipment and machines is highly recommended. Doing so will ensure that your money-making actions will not continuously kill our only planet.